About us

Brand Statement

At Rayo, we design thoughtfully crafted essentials tailored to a woman's curves, inspired by the Yoruba tradition of weaving affirmations into clothing. Our clothes are created to move with a woman's body as it changes during the month. A slow fashion brand, Rayo was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and is currently made in Los Angeles by small family-owned factories using surplus fabric from other fashion companies and fabric mills. All our factories are vetted ensuring all employees are paid fair wages.

Meet the Founder

Olamiposi Somoye
My name is a prayer, when you call my name what you are saying is my blessing, grace, wealth, success, nobility, prominence, and honor continuously increase.
Names are very important in my lineage, I come from a long line of people that weave prayers and affirmations into garments. We believe that our words, actions, and intentions are spells. We believe it's important to live intentionally, for the depth of life is not in its length but in its width. 
My ancestors were known to go into meditative states of prayer as they wove and dyed fabrics. Their prayers manifested in the patterns/prints of the fabric they made and in the personification of the people that wore them.
As the times have changed our craft has expanded with it.
Within myself, the craft has alchemized into pattern-making.
I decided to launch Rayo after years of working in the fashion industry for major brands like Uniqlo, and Helmut Lang as a pattern maker and teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing because I was tired of creating clothes that did not breathe life into women.
As I create all thoughts/intentions are placed on who will be wearing my designs, how they will feel in my clothes, and how they will light up every room that they enter.
My prayer is the Rayo woman is bold, confident, vibrant, secure, sexy, and powerful. She is encapsulated by joy, wonder, and fearlessness.
Nothing brings me more happiness than seeing a woman's spirit elevate when she is dressed in Rayo.
Try on one of my designs and witness it for yourself.

Brand Philosophy

"I am blessed when I come and blessed when I go"